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    Homecare Interact offers turnkey account management for social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. for homecare companies. For modest monthly fees, Homecare Interact handles every facet of managing social media in order to maximize the effectiveness of these communication tools while minimizing the expense and hassle to agency owners and office staff. Postings can happen daily, weekly, and/or monthly as specified by the client. By creating and curating exclusive and quality homecare-specific content, Homecare Interact creates strong brand awareness for our clients that positively impacts their relationships with their clients and referral sources while also boosting their internet search engine placement.

Leave your social media to industry experts!

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What is social media?
You’ve heard about it, but what is social media exactly? While there is no quick answer to this question, it is basically a suite of technologies that allow people to share information online within user communities.
Why social media?
Your product, service or brand is the heart of your business. So where does social media fit? Think of social media as a relationship-building tool. Your business depends on relationships. Your clients, and suppliers, and your employees or colleagues are all part of your relationship network. Social media helps you nurture such relationships online, efficiently and cost-effectively.

  • – Learn from your customers-feedback
  • – Increase website traffic
  • – Cultivate repeat business
  • – Keep up and stay ahead of social trends

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Should this be my Public Relation for my company?
It can be. Give us a call and we can discuss a game plan for you and your team. Remember, communication is key; both to your existing customers and to your future clientele
How do I know you do a good job?
Feel free to review our About page to see more about our experience and expertise. Also, feel free to see our testimonials and read about how HCI has assisted other business owners like you.
What services do you offer?
Please see our services page, but we can custom design a plan specific for your clientele and your business needs.
How can I get in touch?
Please see our contact page for complete contact information so we can connect with you and start working for your team.

What People Say

M.L. Franchise owner, Kansas
Rarely will you find a company that has the expertise both in social media and in homecare industries. Homecare Interact has both in Spades! The value for what I am getting is a no brainer for our clients.
  • Weekly Reporting

    Each week you will receive a customized data report for your HCI account. This will include statistics on all of your platforms, who your posts have reached, trending topics, and how we are integrating you into the conversation.

  • Multiple Social Media Platforms

    From Pinterest to Google+, every package includes Facebook and Twitter, HCI will manage up to 10 of your platforms according to the package of your preference. If you aren’t on social media yet, we can set it up for you!

  • Custom Editorials

    Our clients have the opportunity to glean from our team’s expert advice and years of experience in the homecare industry. We offer custom content for your social media platforms as well as custom monthly newsletters for your customers. This will not only increase your online¬†following, but can also enhance your SEO and search engine placement.


M.L. Franchise owner, Kansas
Rarely will you find a company that has the expertise both in social media and in homecare industries. Homecare Interact has both in Spades! The value for what I am getting is a no brainer for our clients.
B.H. Franchise owner, New Mexico
Homecare Interact has done wonders for both our social media and overall on-line presence. I cannot say enough about the difference from where we were when we were doing it 'in-house' vs. when we let Homecare Interact take over.
M.H. Franchise owner, Texas
The money we are spending on Homecare Interact has been the best marketing dollars we have spent. We are connecting to our local market and inspiring our entire community to get behind our business in ways that have never been possible before!

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