Homecare Interact is a company created by homecare agency owners for homecare agency owners. After seeing a need for social media in the elder care industry, our board sought out to create a company that provides expertise and consistency in an ever-changing market-social media.
We have all been affected by a loved one or family member that have needed assistance in day to day care. Sometimes a live-in facility is a necessity, but the benefits of being able to stay in the comforts and familiarity of their own home were paramount. The owners and staff of Homecare Interact all have a similar desire to see this growing industry be connected to the best care available. While we are only a few, we knew that social media could be a platform by which our voice and desires are heard.
We are fortunate to work with some amazing franchise owners that practice what they preach when it comes to caring for the elderly and those in needĀ. It’s not just business to them. We feel as though our assistance in social media management and strategy help each of our customers further their influence as they help others.